Hydrogen Health Expands Comprehensive Virtual Primary Care Offering To Reach 10 Million More People in 2022

By Amanda Kule
December 9, 2021

Hydrogen Health just announced that, after its successful roll out with Anthem, it will be expanding its offering to more Fortune 500 employers and large regional health plans, with the plan to be live for an additional 10 MILLION PEOPLE by the end of next year! 

Forbes was the first to announce the news about our “superhero healthcare.”

A few things to know about Hydrogen:

  • K Health is Hydrogen’s flagship product, meaning employers and regional health plans can offer K Health to its people as a benefit
  • Hydrogen is one of the first ever nationwide virtual-only primary care solutions that does not rely on costly primary care in-person care models—unlike many virtual offerings, we do NOT require an in-person visit to establish care
  • Hydrogen Health can offer people 360-degree support with things like dietary regimens and lab orders right from their phones—improving outcomes and helping prevent the need for emergency intervention
  • Check out Hydrogen’s shiny new website 

Read the press release to learn more

Amanda Kule

Amanda joined K Health in March 2021 as the Director of Communications. She has over 12 years experience working in the health and technology industries, in cross-functional roles that span PR, social media, writing and marketing. She loves working with doctors and experts to produce compelling content that inspires and educates others.