AI in Healthcare Is Here—And Doctors Are Excited About It

By K Health
February 2, 2022

K Health conducted a survey of doctors and NPs to understand how they feel about the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. 

The consensus is that over 90% are excited about the possibility of AI-augmented medicine and think its adoption is inevitable.

We also got clinicians’ take on what may have the biggest impact on patient care and outcomes in 2022. The majority (over 70%) said the shortage of clinician staff and availability of virtual care would have the biggest impact. Nearly half said fake news and misinformation, with nearly 40% saying their patients get that misinformation from social media. 

The findings further showcases the need for new and better tools or resources to support clinicians and, in turn, patients. Check out the findings below:

AI Is Here—And We’re Excited

  • 91.5% of clinicians are excited or very excited about AI-augmented medicine
  • 95.7% think that the adoption of AI in health will continue 

There Are Many Things That May Impact Patient Care and Outcomes in 2022

  • 71.8% think its the shortage of clinical staff  
  • 70.4% think that the availability of virtual care  
  • 22.5% think that technology alleviating admin 
  • 47.9% think that fake news and misinformation  

Misinformation Is a Huge Issue for Patients

  • Nearly 37% of clinicians say that patients are misinformed about COVID treatment and the vaccine
  • Approximately 20% of clinicians say their patients don’t know the importance of primary care
  • Nearly 40% of patients get their misinformation about healthcare-related items on social media 
  • Nearly 95% of patients ask about off-label COVID treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine 

Wishes for Their Patients

  • 56.5% of clinicians hope that their patients consider staying away from self-diagnosis online before their visit
  • 26.1% wish they’d ask more questions
  • 15.9% wish they saw a doctor sooner
  • Nearly ⅔ say the gift they’d love from their patients is to take better care of their health

To TikTok or Not to TikTok?

  • Over half (52.1%) say it’s a great way to reach people 

72 doctors and nurse practitioners affiliated with K Health were surveyed in December 2021 via Google Forms. 

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