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  • Vaginal Discharge - 5 MIN READ

    Clear Discharge and What it Means

    Clear discharge can be a normal part of the menstrual cycle. It helps to clear old cells and bacteria, preventing infection. It can also be a sign of...

  • Vaginal Discharge - 7 MIN READ

    Why Does my Vaginal Discharge Smell? Is it Normal?

    Outside of medicine, the word ‘flora’ refers to flowers, plants, and evokes images of a naturally occurring ecosystem that gives us a breath of fresh air. This, though,...

  • Vaginal Discharge - 6 MIN READ

    Pink Discharge: Causes and What to Expect

    Noticing pink spotting in your underwear can be worrying. However, pink vaginal discharge can be normal, especially if your period is due or you are newly pregnant. If...

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