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  • Rash - 4 MIN READ

    Home Remedies for Poison Ivy: Ways To Stop the Itch Fast

    Poison ivy is a poisonous plant that grows throughout the United States except for Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of the West Coast.  Poison ivy can be recognized by...

  • Rash - 9 MIN READ

    How to Treat Heat Rash

    Heat rash, sometimes called prickly heat, sweat rash, or miliaria, is a skin condition that develops when the sweat gland ducts become inflamed or blocked. It often appears...

  • Rash - 8 MIN READ

    The Best Home Remedies for Rashes

    Rashes are often itchy, uncomfortable, and can make you feel miserable. They are patches of irritated or swollen skin of varying sizes that may be red, irritated, or...

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