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  • Rash - 5 MIN READ

    When to See a Doctor for Poison Ivy

    Poison ivy is a plant that can cause a rash or blisters if you come in contact with it. The oil from the plant can cause a red,...

  • Rash - 4 MIN READ

    Home Remedies for Poison Ivy: Ways To Stop the Itch Fast

    Poison ivy is a poisonous plant that grows throughout the United States except for Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of the West Coast.  Poison ivy can be recognized by...

  • Rash - 9 MIN READ

    How to Treat Heat Rash

    Heat rash, sometimes called prickly heat, sweat rash, or miliaria, is a skin condition that develops when the sweat gland ducts become inflamed or blocked. It often appears...

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