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  • Medication - 4 MIN READ

    Can I Buy Losartan Over-the-Counter?

    Losartan is a generic medication belonging to a group of drugs called angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs). The brand name of losartan is Cozaar. These drugs help prevent...

  • Medication - 5 MIN READ

    What to Do If You Forget Your Prescription on Vacation

    We all forget things from time to time—including to take our medication or, worse, to bring it with us when traveling. If this happens or you lose your...

  • Medication - 7 MIN READ

    How to Get a Prescription Refill Without a Doctor?

    You don’t always need to talk with a doctor to refill your prescription. If your prescription still has refills, you should be able to fill it as usual...

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