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A doctor gives you a treatment plan and sends in a prescription, if needed. We’re just a text away if things don’t improve.

K Heath treats kids ages 3-17. Some conditions require in-person tests or examination, and can’t be treated remotely. Examples include UTIs, ear infections, strep throat, and STDs. K Health doesn’t treat COVID-19 in children.

K Health memberships are not insurance and exclude ancillary services (e.g., labs, equipment, cost of medication, etc). See Terms of Service.

“I am passionate about providing medical care as comfortably and compassionately as possible. I’m excited to use modern technology to expand access to quality health care.”

Terez Malka, MD

Emergency Medicine Physician and Pediatrician


From eczema to allergies, we’re here 24/7.

and hundreds more*


*Some conditions require in-person tests or examination, and can’t be treated remotely. Examples include UTIs, ear infections, strep throat, and STDs. K Health doesn’t treat COVID-19 in children.

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Irmanie Hemphill, MD

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Sally Sartin, MD

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Frequently asked questions

What's included in the K Health membership?

Our K Health membership includes nearly everything K Health offers for $29/month.

  • Unlimited text-based visits with board-certified clinicians
  • Doctors online day and night for Primary Care and Urgent Care*
  • Access to our Mental Health program
  • Free Pediatrics care for your kids 3-17
  • Easy prescription management and renewals, plus steep discounts
  • As always, no insurance needed, all on your own schedule

*24/7 Urgent Care is available in all 48 continental US states. Not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

K Health memberships are not insurance and do not include any ancillary services, (i.e.) laboratory tests, durable medical equipment, appointments with other providers or specialists that we may refer you to, emergency or in-person urgent care facility visits; cost of medication and other referrals. See Terms of Service.

Learn more about what we can and cannot treat

How does K Health Pediatrics work?

  • First, download the K Health app for free, available on iOS or Android
  • Enter your child’s symptoms to find out what’s wrong based on data from thousands of doctors and millions of children with similar symptoms. This will provide you with answers going into the visit and help the doctor get up to speed quickly.
  • After viewing the most likely results, click the button “Chat with a Clinician”
  • Enter additional information like your State and verify your identity, then you’ll be connected to a physician within minutes
  • You’ll get a text message and in-app notification when the doctor is ready to chat

Your child must be with you for all interactions with K Health Pediatrics in order to get accurate results and the right treatment. At the start of a doctor chat, we may require you to submit a photo of your child. At times, you may be asked to do things like observe if their nose is runny or stuffy, assess their general comfort level, take their temperature, pinch their skin, or describe a rash.

We heard from you that getting your child to sit still during visits is quite an ordeal. For your convenience, our visits are mostly text-based, though when a doctor needs to see something in more depth you may be asked to join a quick video chat (for 10 to 30 seconds) or to submit photos or a short video.

When are the doctors available?

K Health Pediatrics is available 24/7, 7 days a week in 48 continental US states. K Health is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.

Who are the doctors and how are they vetted?

All our doctors and clinicians are board-certified and have extensive experience treating children. They are trained how to integrate the excellent content from the K app into their conversations with patients and families. In addition, our doctors are part of a collaborative, rigorous process to identify and adopt the highest standards of clinical care.

What ages are covered by K Health Pediatrics?

K Health Pediatrics is for parents with kids ages 3-17. The parent must answer questions on behalf of the child and the child must be present during the visit. When a child turns 18, they should create an account with K Health to use independently.

Can K Health Pediatrics be used by someone who is not the child’s parent?

The K Health app and chats with a doctor can only be administered by the legal guardian of the child. For example, a grandmother of a child would only be able to use K Health for the child if she is the legal guardian. Please note we do require legal documentation to prove an adult is the legal guardian. Additionally, we do not treat emancipated minors.

What if I have a question about my child, but they aren't with me?

You must be near your child for all interactions with K Health in order to get accurate results and the right treatment. At the start of a doctor chat, we may require you to submit a photo of your child. At times, you may be asked to do things like observe if their nose is runny or stuffy, assess their general comfort level, take their temperature, pinch their skin, or describe a rash with prompting.

What states are currently available to talk to a doctor about kids?

Talking to the K Health app about your child is available in all states and connecting with a licensed clinician is available in all states within the continental US (not available in AK or HI).

How quickly will I be connected to a doctor?

Patients are typically connected to a physician in under 60 minutes. While you wait, the doctor will be reviewing your answers to our symptom checker.

How many children can I add?

You can add all of your children to your K Health account and discuss their symptoms with the app at no additional cost.

Children are also included free as part of our $29/month K Health Primary Care membership. One-time visits cost $35.

Do you provide care for adults too?

Yes! The K Health app provides free health answers and affordable options to chat with a doctor for anyone over 18 years old, too. Single visits are $35. Unlimited visits for you and your children are just $29/month with a K Health Primary Care membership, which also includes a care team, prescription management and much more! Our Mental Health membership is $49/month and is for adults 18-85 only.

If I am traveling out of state, can I use the K Health app?

Yes! As long as we have available licensed providers in the state you are currently in, we can connect you with care.

What if all of my children have the same symptoms?

Since treatment & health guidance is dependent on age, gender, and previous medical history, each conversation with K Health and with our doctors should be about one child at a time. However, you can add all your children to the K Health app for no additional cost and have unlimited doctor visits for your children for free if you are a K Health member.

Is the data I share with K Health private?

K Health is HIPAA compliant and we apply high-security standards to protect your personal information and your privacy. K Health is also compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”). We will use your data only to improve our services and to provide them to you. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Can you order COVID testing?

We can’t directly order a COVID test, but if the K Health provider recommends a test be taken, we can provide paperwork to help ensure a test can be ordered elsewhere. We’ll also give guidance on how to best manage COVID symptoms.

Do you provide doctor's notes and sick notes?

During a pediatric consultation, clinicians can write notes for your children to return to, or be dismissed from, school, activities, camp, and more, if needed.

During an adult consultation, K Health-affiliated clinicians can only provide a note stating the date when a patient was seen and that a treatment plan/care was established.

Can the physician order lab tests or imaging?

Yes, K Health doctors and clinicians can order tests as needed. At this time we do not order imaging. Please note the cost of these tests is outside the cost of your visit. A K Health doctor or clinician will be able to follow up with you about your lab results and answer any questions you may have.

What happens if my child needs a prescription or refill?

K Health doctors and clinicians can prescribe medication as necessary. They will typically send prescriptions to your local pharmacy within a few hours of your chat.

The doctors and clinicians can refill many child prescriptions for up to 90 days so you can get back to your primary doctor for follow up. Per our refill policy, you’ll need to demonstrate that your child has a recent prescription through a photo or pharmacy listing.

Keep in mind we don't prescribe controlled substances such as certain ADHD medications, or chronic medications such as diabetes, autoimmune disorders, or seizure disorders at this time. Learn more about what we prescribe and our refill policy here.

How do I effectively answer questions on behalf of my child?

Our app and providers are trained to ask smart, intuitive questions that are proven to be effective in getting to the bottom of what’s going on with your child. You may be asked to do things like look into your child’s mouth, listen to their heartbeat, press on their stomach, or pinch their skin in order to help your virtual doctor diagnose the symptoms. Images and diagrams will be used to assist you as well! If you are speaking with a doctor and having trouble getting your child to cooperate with you or are unable to answer the questions, you may be asked to submit a short video to the doctor.

What conditions do you treat?

The free K Health app will provide answers and guidance around more than 70 of the most common pediatric conditions.

Our clinicians can diagnose and treat most things you might see an in-person pediatrician for.

Some conditions, like ear infections and strep throat, generally require in-person evaluation. Our clinicians can assess the severity of the symptoms, offer supportive care guidance, and in some cases prescribe medication.

Additionally COVID-19 is particularly challenging to diagnose in children so our clinicians may not be able to diagnose it. However, they can give suggestions on how to best manage symptoms and what to do next.