What does news of the COVID-19 vaccine mean to people like me?

By Allon Mordel, MD
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December 14, 2020

While news of the COVID-19 vaccine is exciting, it’s still important to remain vigilant in exercising virus prevention techniques such as wearing a mask and practicing social distance. According to the Center for Disease Control, the initial recipients of the vaccine will be healthcare workers who are most at risk of contracting COVID-19, along with nursing home and other residents of long-term care facilities.

We are following the CDC’s website for the most up to date information in regards to updates on the vaccine and its rollout plan.

As we wait for the vaccine to reach the general population and continue to practice social distancing, there are some aspects of life that may have been overlooked this year; like your annual visit with your primary care doctor. While we cannot provide an actual physical examination through our app, you can text with a doctor anytime with our Primary Care Membership plan. This plan provides accessible, unlimited texts with doctors without waiting rooms and no hidden fees.

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Allon Mordel, MD

Allon Mordel is the Senior Medical Director, Clinical Product at K Health. Dr. Mordel is a graduate of the University of Georgia and served as an EMT for the city and county services. He was accepted into residency at the NYU/ Bellevue Emergency Medicine Residency Program where he distinguished himself and became Chief Resident on his way to becoming an Attending Physician.