Make an impact with a fully remote, AI-powered text-based platform that lowers costs for patients and removes the burden of intake forms, reimbursements, and time away from family.

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Why practice with us

How we’re changing the system

Efficient visits

Our AI-powered symptom checker and triage gets you all the info you need before you meet, and our text-based platform keeps your visits efficient and focused on care, and nothing else.

No more billing

Users pay the same price, regardless of condition, treatment or insurance status. This removes the need for billing and insurance claims, in turn freeing up your time to care for more people.

Flexible hours

We work 24/7 without appointments—and you can choose your own hours. Whether it’s full-time or working in-between shifts, our users will benefit from however much time you can give.

Care for all

K Health saves people hundreds of dollars on in-person visits. Whether it’s an urgent care or mental health concern, or a quick gut check, you have the opportunity to make a difference.

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“This is the first place I’ve ever worked for that has believed in me as much as I believe in it.”

Francis Goldshmid, MD

Family Medicine

Healthcare without the system is easier than you think



Tell us about yourself

Clinicians live all over the country and specialize in everything from family medicine to emergency medicine, pediatrics, OBGYN, and mental health.



Choose your hour

Health professionals are humans and burnout is real. You can set your schedule each month. We offer full-time and part-time hourly roles, with the option to be salaried.



Give great care

We believe everyone and their families deserve quality healthcare, no matter where they live or what their income is. Our time and energy should is spent on getting people well, and nothing else.



Get great pay

Our compensation model is based on the amount of patients you see, not on what you diagnose or prescribe. Compensation for salaried clinicians starts at $215K; hourly starts at $90. Our benefits are pretty cool, too.

Be the clinician you want to be

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Common questions from our applicants

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What makes working at K Health unique for clinicians?

In addition to patient care, clinicians have the opportunity to be part of a fast-growing startup.

We’re always turning to our medical team for feedback on how to make the product more user-friendly, how we can utilize data to help better inform medical decision-making, and more!

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What's the application process like?

Applications are usually prioritized based on state license coverage, scope of practice, and the number of hours a clinician can commit to.

If your background is a fit, the interview process includes conversations with members of our medical and medical leadership team.

The process also includes reviewing all info needed to credential, which will then be reviewed and approved by the Credentialing Committee.  

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What are the compensation structures and benefits?


Full-time, salary starting at $215K

Requirements: Must have at least 8 state licenses, meet practice productivity standards and work a fixed schedule including one weekend a month. Must be able to treat Primary Care, Mental Health and/or Pediatric patients.

Benefits: Competitive salary, equity with K Health, health insurance, 401k, PTO, license and CME management, and more! 

Full-time hourly, starting at $90/hour

Requirements: Must have at least 5 state licenses and work a minimum of 32 hours each week. 

Benefits: Flexible schedule, competitive pay, equity with K Health, health insurance, and more!

Part-time hourly, starting at $90/hour

Requirements: Work for a minimum of 12 hours a week.

Benefits: Flexible schedule, competitive pay, and more.

Nurse Practitioners

Hourly, $65/hour

Requirements: Options for working under and over 30 hours a week. 

Benefits: Flexible schedule, competitive pay, and more.


Hourly, $60/hour 

Requirements: Multiple state licenses with autonomous privileging preferred. 

Benefits: Flexible schedule, options for both over and under 30 hours a week, and more.

All contracts include incentives for busier and overnight shifts, and a rate for time spent on training and company meetings. Shifts are determined at the beginning of each month. 

All contracts come with a non-clinical rate for time spent on training and company meetings.

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What hours can I work?

K Health is a 24/7 telehealth service. Users can use the Symptom Checker on the app for free, and have the option to chat with a clinician whenever they want—no appointment needed.

That means we need clinicians working all day, every day. Which gives you a lot of flexibility.

You’ll provide your availability a month out and receive your schedule. You can always offer to work more hours throughout the month. Some shifts, including overnights, have incentives like a higher rate.

The minimum amount of hours you need to work to be considered a part-time hourly worker is 12/week. The minimum amount of hours to be considered full-time is 32/week.

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What's the onboarding process like?

We know that AI-assisted, text-based, remote care is new for most clinicians.

We offer training to complete on your own time that covers everything you need to know about using the platform, including things like how you prescribe medication and how you get paid.

Your asynchronous training will be supplemented by live sessions with our Clinical Performance Specialist team to ensure you're comfortable with how we operate.

You’ll also be assigned a team lead (a seasoned clinician here at K Health), and we do a shadow-session prior to your first shift.

The full process can take anywhere from 1–2 weeks, mostly depending on your schedule.

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Does K Health offer malpractice insurance?

Yes! Our affiliated practice offers full-time, part-time, and salaried employees coverage.