K Health and Baltimore City Public Schools Partner to Provide Free Healthcare To Families and Staff

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March 19, 2021

K Health’s mission is to increase access to high quality healthcare so that everyone can get the medical help they need when they need it. As the world has navigated this unprecedented pandemic we’ve looked for opportunities to make an impact and support communities where increased access to healthcare could make a real difference. 

We’re thrilled to partner with Baltimore City Public Schools, one of Maryland’s largest school districts, to provide free remote health services to 80,000 students, 10,000 staff,  and their families in Baltimore. The program, which kicked off in March, gives students, teachers, and families unlimited access to K Health’s adult and pediatric primary care offerings, ensuring they have the opportunity to utilize vital virtual care.

In a family survey administered by the Baltimore City Public Schools in summer 2020, 74% of parents noted that their child’s physical health is of most importance to them. However complications due to COVID-19 have prevented many from seeking medical care.  Additionally, children in Baltimore suffer from asthma prevalence more than twice the national average – 20% vs. 9.4% –  and this is just one of a number of primary care conditions that typically drives school absenteeism. 

Our goal is to remove any barriers to accessing healthcare for families in Baltimore by having reliable and accurate virtual care immediately available for K-12 students, their parents and caregivers, so that families can receive the medical attention they need, whether in school or at home. 

“I’ve seen firsthand how lack of access to high quality and immediate healthcare has impacted our communities. The situation has only become more challenging with the onset of the pandemic,” said Dr. Chelsea Johnson, a lead pediatrician for K Health. “I joined K Health because I saw an opportunity to administer care in a new way and reach more people than ever. With this partnership in Baltimore, parents will be able to get important health information and care for their children for free and from their smartphone, something that’s needed now more than ever.”

As students and teachers in Baltimore return to in-person learning, having convenient and free access to quality doctors can also help ensure the health and safety of the community at large. “The health and safety of our students is our top priority and we’re always looking for ways to enhance our community.” said Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. “We are thrilled to partner with K Health to bring respite to frustrated parents and allow a more cohesive flow to managing healthcare as we learn online and integrate back into the in-person learning.”

Families and staff in the Baltimore City Public Schools district can learn more about this partnership and how to access free care with K Health here

Frequently asked questions

Does K Health take insurance?
Currently, we don’t accept insurance to pay for K Health memberships, one-time Urgent Care virtual visits, or mail-order medication, but we keep our prices low to keep medical care accessible to everyone. In many cases, our prices are lower than your insurance copay would have been! After our free partnership with Baltimore City Schools ends, you can continue connecting with licensed clinicians through K Health for $39/visit, $49/month for the K Health Primary Care membership, or $49/month for the K Health Mental Health membership.
Can I get a doctor’s note?
During a pediatric visit, doctors can write notes for your children to return to, or be dismissed from, school, activities, camp, and more, if needed. During an adult visit, K Health-affiliated clinicians can only provide a note stating the date when they saw you and that care was provided.
Can I get prescription medication through K Health?
Yes! If one of our K Health-affiliated clinicians believes it’s medically appropriate, they’ll write a prescription and send it to a local pharmacy of your choice.
After the free period ends, will I be charged?
Nope! The K Health app is free for everyone to have. Normally, a virtual visit with a licensed clinician costs $39, but it’s free for Baltimore City Schools students, families, and staff through June 16 with the code CITYSCHOOLS. After June 16, you can continue using the app for free, and only if you choose to do another virtual visit will you be asked to pay the $39 fee.
Is the K Health app available in Spanish?
Yes, the app is available in both English and Spanish. However, we can’t guarantee that Spanish app users will be matched with a Spanish-speaking clinician. Because our doctor chats are text-based, we recommend having someone who speaks English with you during your visit to help translate.
Do I have to do a video visit?
Our virtual medical visits are primarily text-based, but your clinician may ask you for photos or to do a very quick video chat to get the information they need.
Do I need to enter my credit card information?
Nope! With the code CITYSCHOOLS, you’ll skip the payment step of checkout entirely.
How do I redeem my free medical visit?
After downloading the app and answering questions about your symptoms, you’ll be prompted to pick a payment option. Select “One-time visit” and enter the promo code CITYSCHOOLS to waive the entire cost with no credit card information required.
I’m not sick. Should I download the app?
Yes! When you or your child is feeling sick, you want to talk to a doctor ASAP. Getting the app set up on your phone in advance will help you be ready to connect with a doctor in minutes, when you need it most.
What do I need to access K Health?
You’ll need just a few things: 1. An iOS or Android smartphone 2. To enter your email, birthday, phone number, and gender (all info is private) 3. A government-issued ID (city or state, up to 5 years expired is ok) 4. The code CITYSCHOOLS to waive the medical visit fee 5. Your child to be present (if the visit is about them)
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